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Louis Rodrigue Testimonial

Testimonail of Marie-Annick


My name is Tara Azer. I visited the Energy Room in Boca Raton, Florida. I chose to come here because I have emotional healing to do and have been patiently waiting for the beautiful energy system to come to our beloved Florida. This will be my third session. It is a two hour session. What I noticed after each session was that I felt much more energetically regenerated. I felt alive again. I felt like I loved myself with the beautiful healing energy that emanated from these amazing centers. And I found that there was something so beautiful about the Energy Room, especially in Boca, because it is a collective environment that several people benefit from and where they heal together, which gives the feeling of exponential healing for everyone in the room. It's an honor to be part of this amazing initiative and I'm so excited for all the healing that's going to happen around the world, especially in Boca Raton, Florida, thanks to the amazing team at the Energy Room.


Hello ! My name is Marsha Feliciano and what I can tell you absolutely is that I had 2 sessions of 2 hours and from these 2 sessions of 2 hours, what happened during the life itself is that things have started to change. And I didn't notice the change was as profound as it was until one day I could walk again. I mean both my feet, both my legs are working, my hips are working. I carried a cane, I had walked with it for a long time; I no longer needed it. Now I'm telling you, if in just four hours you don't need it anymore, that's about the greatest gift you can have. I have no idea what's going to happen next because you can't count on something immediately when you walk out of here. In fact, you walk out of here and you wonder "what happened?". We won't know what happened until you live in the course of life itself. But what is remarkable is that something happens during life itself. She will absolutely give you what you didn't expect, what you don't recognize and what you look at and marvel at. For example, I look at my arms and my hands and they are different and when you wake up in the morning and you notice that something is different about you, but really different. I'm turning 80 on January 9th and to see something different appear, something that will impact your life, it's almost a miracle, damn it!


I went to the energy room in Boca Raton, Florida. I went there 3 times, 2 hours per session. And after my second session, after 4 hours in the system, I can honestly say that I have no pain, no arthritis pain, in my knees, hips or hands. It's absolutely amazing, the feeling of healing - it's indescribable. I highly, highly recommend giving it a try. I will be back for many of these sessions. It's really, really an extraordinary thing. What do you think?


Hello, my name is Juan. I'm in the Energy Room in Boca Raton. I came for 4 hours. After 4 hours here at the Energy Room, I felt the difference in my lower back. I've had problems with my lower back for, I'd say, 30 years or more. And I feel it's not 100%, but I can feel the difference so far. So I came a second day for 3 hours and felt really good. Now I have to consider all the things in my body, so I think I will continue to come here to the Energy Room often.


Hello, my name is Jamie Broussard and this is my wife Leia. We are from Rayne, Louisiana. On March 4, I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer which had also spread to my soft palate. It was literally a lump that had grown in my nasal passage and was cutting off my airways. On September 16, I had a scan and realized that this tumor was 8 cm in diameter. After much prayer and asking for help from the Holy Spirit at every step, we were led to take dietary supplements and natural remedies. After a while, as I still couldn't breathe properly, I consulted a doctor and started chemotherapy. Before returning for a CT scan the following week, my wife decided to get me into the 24-unit system in Boca Raton, Florida called Energy Room. Let me tell you all it's on the second floor and when we got out of our vehicle you could literally feel the energy in the air. It was amazing. We spent 11.5 hours there, we both spent the night there. We went back the following week for a scan: the doctor came into the room and said "the 8cm tumor you had is completely gone". From 8cm to 0cm! Thank you Lord ! The doctor said "it's a miracle". It was from the doctor; he said it was a miracle! I am so happy to report that the tumor is gone. Thanks to Jesus. All glory goes to the Lord. It's totally extraordinary, totally extraordinary, and we thank the Lord and we thank the EESystem.

Other Testimonials

Before EES, I was dealing with the relentless hot flashes of menopause every 10-15 mins 24/7, plus night sweats and mood swings. Different parts of my body hurt, but the lower back was the worse, due to loss of bone density. I was sleeping very little and experiencing very low energy. My doctor told me it was all part of the aging process. So I started the 2-hr sessions, and after 4 sessions (8 hours) all my symptoms were gone. Consequently, I scheduled sessions for my son and the day of his first session he couldn't move his head due to neck pain. He said the pain was gone within the first 20 minutes in the chamber and experienced other benefits, which he'll describe in his own testimony. I've been free of pain or menopaue symptoms since the 4th session. Lia Heisig , The Energy Room | Boca Raton, FL, USA
I noticed it helped my ADHD. I feel less distracted. I was able to concentrate more on my work. Kiera , Quantum Healing & Wellness, NY, USA
I came with my daughter who has eczema quiet desperate to find help that didn’t include medicine…. Which help the symptoms but not the source. I came with her to keep her company and in the process after 3rd session I noticed I didn’t reach for my knee brace and just worked out. After, 15 minutes of using my left knee to my shock I didn’t have it on and I don’t use it anymore it’s been well over 2 weeks and my knee feels great! (March 24, 2023) Sybell , Loving Light Regeneration | Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA
... I got covid and had a heart attack. My ejection fraction and shortness of breath although improved with rehab was still not at optimal healthy levels. I started at the EE system shortly after they opened. My shortness of breath has diminished, my resting heart rate has gone down 10 points into a normal range, and even a wart on my foot has shrunk. (March 28, 2023) Carol Finn , Energy Lounge | Raynham, MA, USA
My name is Dylan, I'm 18, I'm autistic...I come here because I'm looking for help with my brain and my communication. Since coming out of Quantum Healing, my speech is clearer, people understand me better, and my mind is sharper and more focused. I do better at school. I am an athlete and I have aches, bruises or pains. When I come out of quantum healing I have none of that, no bruises, no pains, nothing at all. I feel genuine love and happiness, pleasure and a loving heart. Dylan , Quantum Healing & Wellness, Mount Kisco, NY, USA