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Relaxing is good, recharging the cells of your body is a thousand times better.

We love to answer your questions Tel: (438) 380-8778

We love to answer your questions Tel: (438) 380-8778

“Every day, an adult releases an average of three kilowatt hours of energy, an amount that could run an LCD television for 30 hours.”
Franco Membrini, Mithras

When did you recharge your cells like you regularly do with your phone or car?

My journey: how I discovered Dr. Sandra Rose Michael's work.

In December 2020, I was lying in a hospital bed in an emergency room. The doctors believed that if I left the hospital, I would be dead in 48 hours. What’s more, my family doctor had enrolled me in palliative care because, based on the tests, she believed I couldn’t make it out alive.

However, I didn’t share their belief. Since I had already signed up for a meditation retreat with Dr. Joe Dispensa, I listened to my intuition and went to Cancún for this week of intensive meditation. In just 7 days, I went from living dead to the dance floor of the Barcelo Resort in Cancún!

This experience set me on the road to discovering Dre. Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESytem.  With Bernard, my current business partner, we decided to visit three EESytem centers in the U.S. to experience this revolutionary technology for ourselves.

When my friend Bernard, forwarded me an online interview with Dr. Michael, I noticed the idea that the EESytem she had invented could induce a state of deep meditation in a matter of minutes. I immediately wanted to try it out.

These visits convinced us to share its benefits with Quebecers.

Please note that I am not against conventional medicine. On the contrary, I recommend that everyone follow its instructions, because without its help I would have been unable to make it to the Cancún retreat. I thank my doctors and all the hospital staff for the help they have given me, and I continue to consult them.

I understand this technology as a complement to my doctors’ recommendations. I do everything I can to stay in shape (meditation, exercise, nutrition) and certainly, as often as possible, I bathe in the Photonic Spa’s frequencies.

Positive beliefs and attitudes and an open mind are certainly the foundations for transformation. Don’t give up hope: anything is possible in the quantum field when you believe in a better future.

In conclusion, I was inspired by Einstein’s phrase: “The medicine of the future will be the medicine of frequencies”.

Watch the testimonials and decide whether the energizing frequencies of the Photonic Spa can transform your life.

Maxime Gilbert, co-owner of the Photonic Spa.

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Since my visit I noticed my cravings for sweets went away almost immediately & my blurry vision started to improve. Michele Boyer , Aurora Healing Ministry Relax N Recharge, Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA
Arthritis & overall aches & pains are reduced in intensity after a 2 hour session. The immediate results amazed me. (April 5, 2023) Pam Apple , ReGenerate Wellness Center | Greenville, SC, USA
I left feeling lighter, younger, and healthier. My posture was even immediately better. Adele , Amplified Healing | Palmetto Bay, FL, USA
Enhanced my energy, clarity of mind, eased arthritic joints, calm and peace of mind like never before. (March 13, 2023) Donna Berthiaume , TerraNova Healing Association | Vernon, BC, CA