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Are Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings complementary to Dr. Sandra Rose Michael’s EESYSTEM invention?

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The teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the invention of Sandra Rose Michael, the EESystem, are often considered complementary due to their focus on holistic self-healing and well-being.


Dr. Joe Dispenza's Insights

Dr Joe Dispenza
Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is known for his work on neuroplasticity, meditation, and visualization as tools for reprogramming the brain and body towards healing and transformation.

He emphasizes the brain’s ability to create new neural connections and change its own structure in response to specific stimuli and experiences.

Sandra Rose Michael's Invention, the EESystem

On the other hand, Sandra Rose Michael’s EESystem is an advanced technology that combines several therapeutic modalities such as scalar waves, photonics, Schumann frequencies, among others, to promote energetic balance and well-being. 

This technology aims to stimulate the body at a subtle level, influencing the energetic systems that, according to some practitioners, are essential for overall health.

Dr Sandra Rose
Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Complementary Approaches

What makes these approaches complementary is that they address healing and well-being from both a physical and mental perspective. Dr. Dispenza’s teachings focus on reprogramming the mind to promote healing, while Sandra Rose Michael’s EESystem offers a more direct approach by using technologies to influence the body’s physiological and energetic processes.


By combining them, some individuals may find a more comprehensive holistic approach to their health and well-being, using both mental techniques and physical technologies to stimulate healing and transformation.


Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael are both leaders who have inspired us to open the holistic health center Spa Photonique. Thanks to these two leaders for their truly inspiring lives.