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Will scalar wave healing and biophotons become the medicine of the future?

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Modern medicine is advancing rapidly, constantly exploring new approaches to heal and treat human ailments. Among the many advancements, scalar waves have garnered increasing interest as potential frontrunners in the medicine of the future. These waves, stemming from quantum physics, open the door to intriguing possibilities in the realm of health and well-being. In this article, we delve into the world of scalar waves to evaluate their potential as the medicine of the future.

What are Scalar Waves?

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Scalar waves are helical in shape like your DNA, which allows them to come into coherence with and restore your DNA.

Scalar waves are a form of energy derived from quantum physics, often described as non-electromagnetic waves. Unlike conventional electromagnetic waves, scalar energy do not adhere to the laws of traditional physics and can act at a distance without power loss. They interact with the human energy field at a subatomic level, suggesting potentially beneficial effects for health.

Historical Use of Scalar Wave Healing and Their Use in Medicine

Scalar wave healing in medicine dates back several decades, with pioneers exploring their potential in healing and cell regeneration. Experiments have been conducted to understand how these waves could influence the human body, paving the way for innovative medical applications.

Possible Medical Applications

The potential applications of scalar energy in medicine are vast. From energy therapy to stimulating cellular regeneration, they offer possibilities for pain management, improved sleep, and even implications in the realm of chronic disease prevention.

Scientific studies on scalar wave healing are proliferating, exploring various applications and their effects on the human body.

What are the biophoton?

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Biophotons are weak emissions of light (photons) emanating from living cells and are considered electromagnetic signals emitted by biological organisms. While research on biophotons and their impact on health is a relatively new and evolving field, some studies suggest they might play a role in regulating biological processes.


There are hypotheses suggesting that biophotons could be involved in cell communication, controlling cell growth, regulating metabolism, and even maintaining overall health in an organism. 


The owners of the Photonique Spa are considered leaders in this industry in Quebec, their holistic wellness center located on Nuns’ Island is enjoying impressive success attracting local and international clientele. They are recognized by several stakeholders in the field of well-being as influencers because they are regularly invited on digital platforms.

Is Quebec a leader in photonics?

“Yes, Quebec is recognized as an important region in the field of photonics. Photonics is a scientific and technological discipline that focuses on the manipulation, generation, and detection of light, as well as its use in various applications such as communications, healthcare, optics, imaging, energy, and more.

Quebec, with its world-renowned research institutions, universities, and research centers, has developed significant expertise in the field of photonics. Companies and research laboratories in the province are dedicated to researching and developing innovative photonic technologies.

Several initiatives in Quebec aim to encourage innovation in the field of photonics. The Photonics Excellence Quebec (PhoEx), for example, is a network that seeks to stimulate collaboration between universities, research centers, businesses, and government stakeholders to promote innovation in this field.

Significant contributions have been made by Quebec-based companies and researchers in areas of photonics such as optical communications, optical sensors, medical imaging systems, lighting technologies, and more.

The province has established research and innovation support programs, as well as partnerships with industry and government to foster the development and adoption of advanced photonics technologies.

However, it’s worth noting that photonics is a constantly evolving global field, and many other places around the world also contribute significantly to its advancement.”

Quebec has become a leader in artificial intelligence will it be the leader in photonics?

To become a leader, Quebec must free itself from rigid laws that prevent it from innovating; we all know that the current health system is incapable of meeting the needs of the aging population. We need to think differently and think outside the box.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael invented this technology because she asked herself the question, “how to heal the planet?”” She knew that the one-to-one consultation method would not achieve its objective. She thought differently and her invention provided diseased cells with the energy they need to heal themselves. This without having to consult a specialist and without having to make a diagnosis. In addition, its technology has no side effects and is financially accessible.

What is the difference between a water spa and a photonic spa?

A “water spa” and a “photonic spa” are two types of spas or establishments offering different services in terms of treatment and well-being.

A water spa, also called a thermal spa or hydrotherapy spa, generally focuses on the use of water for therapeutic purposes. It offers facilities such as hot tubs, hot or cold swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, jet showers, etc.

Water spas highlight the benefits of hydrotherapy for muscle relaxation, stress reduction, improved blood circulation, and can be used for rehabilitation treatments or relief of muscle and joint pain. Could the Photonic Spa fill the lack of alternative treatments in Quebec?

Photonic spa focuses on the use of light or other forms of photonic energy for therapeutic purposes. Treatments at a photonic spa may include LED light therapy, laser therapy, light therapy, light biofeedback, and more.

These treatments use light at specific wavelengths for targeted effects such as skin improvement, inflammation reduction, relaxation or even for specific medical applications.

The difference between the two types of spa lies in the techniques and methods used for the treatments. While the water spa focuses on using water for therapeutic effects, photonic spas use light or other forms of photonic energy for similar benefits, but via technologically different approaches.

However, the most significant difference is that visits to the photonic spa are cumulative, from visit to visit the effects of the subatomic implications of this technology increase with each visit unlike the water spa whose effects are short-lived. The Photonic Spa, thanks to multiple frequencies outside the radio waves, allows the deserving to reach high levels of consciousness and project themselves into the fifth dimension.

Corps humains avec réseaux de lumières

“Every day, an adult releases an average of three kilowatt hours of energy, an amount that could run an LCD television for 30 hours.”

Franco Membrini, Mithras

The Photonic Spa is like a charging station for your cellular energy.

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Just like you charge your phone or electric car, the Photonic Spa is a charging station for humans.

Could the Photonic Spa fill the lack of alternative treatments in Quebec?

Photonic spas and other forms of alternative therapies can certainly complement the healthcare offerings in Quebec, but several aspects need to be considered:

Complementary options to conventional healthcare: Alternative treatments like those offered in photonics spas can provide complementary approaches to help alleviate certain symptoms or enhance overall well-being. They can be used alongside traditional healthcare to meet individual needs.

Public education and information: Educating the public about different healthcare options, including alternative therapies like those offered in photonics spas, allows individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Collaboration with healthcare professionals: Collaboration between conventional medical practitioners and practitioners of alternative therapies is important to ensure a holistic approach to individuals’ health.


In summary, photonics spas and other forms of alternative care can play an important role by offering complementary options to traditional healthcare. care for the Quebec population.” Scalar and photonic waves arouse the interest of the population, because they are looking for non-invasive and financially accessible solutions.


We can ask ourselves the question, is the invention of Dr. Sandra Rose Michael already offers Quebecers Star Trek technology in the present? If so, we had to ask ourselves the question, how can we make this technology accessible to everyone as quickly as possible, before our health system collapses under the weight of exponential demand?


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